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Morocco was a tribal and feudal kingdom that was governed by France. Moroccans either lived in tribal settlements with strict rules dictated by Berber culture or in feudal villages ruled by the Caids and Pashas handpicked by the Sultan.

In 2020, Morocco is more liberal and modern than before.

Morocco Evolution

1956 - 2020
Reign of Hassan II
Western Sahara conflict
Reign of Mohammed VI
1830 - 1956
French and Spanish protectorate
Opposition to European control
Alaouite dynasty
1549 – 1659
Saadi dynasty
1060 - 1549
Almoravid dynasty
Almohad dynasty
Marinid dynasty
Wattasid dynasty
700 – 1060
Muslim conquest
Berber Revolt
Kingdom of Nekor
Idrisi dynasty
Fatimid, Umayyad and Zenata polities
800 – 430
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